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Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan Bleesed with Baby Girl

Rabeeca Khan is figured among the top TikTokers and entertainers of Pakistan. She has acquired the spirits of each kid and young lady due to her fabulousness and her wide eyes. Also, no inquiry Allah has enabled this young lady with enormous ability and a fast psyche because of which she follows with something that new in her video without fail

Pakistani most famous young tiktoker Rabeeca Khan blessed with baby girl, She said this baby girl is my nephew, Rabeeca khan feeling so happy and lovely, She is very attractive and charming personality of showbiz industry, She also working as a actress in dramas.

Rabeeca Khan is one of Pakistan’s young design models and TikTok star. TikTok is one of the most utilized applications in Pakistan since last years. It is on the grounds that this stage has given many individuals to show their ability. Notwithstanding, some netizens are of the view that this application ought to be prohibited in Pakistan due to the profanity that it contains.

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