Shahzad Sheikh Celebrate Wife Birthday with Family and Friends

Shahzad Sheikh is a Pakistani television and film actor. He is the son of Pakistani actor, director and producer Jawed Sheikh. he got married in 2012 with Hina Mir, They are most romantic young couple of showbiz, Toady birthday of Hina mir, Shahzad sheikh celebrate wife hina birthday with family and close showbiz friends.

Both son and father are together and shared their awesome clicks with family. He belongs to a family of famous actors who have worked in the show business for many years and people still enjoy their work. Shahzad will play a completely different role in an upcoming drama alongside Zara Noor and we are excited to see her performance.

Javed Sheik is considered an extraordinary artist in the Pakistani entertainment industry. We will perhaps remain speechless to present them. He has worked in the entertainment business for about 40 years. In addition, they are known and seen everywhere, including in India.

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