Hanish Qureshi is a famous, beautiful, and talented social media personality, fashion designer, and currently working with Sky entertainment. Hanish Qureshi was born on 14 February 1995 in Lahore (Punjab, Pakistan) and according to 2023, Hanish is 27 years old.

She has transformed and is still working hard to keep her figure. Faisal Qureshi is one of the few celebrities in Pakistan to manage his show business and his personal life separately, so very little information about his family is available on the internet.

You all know Hanish Qureshi is young doughter of most senior and famous young actor faisal Qureshi, Hanish Qureshi from 1st marriage of Faisal qureshi, Now she still alone home with her boy friend, Hanish Qureshi some bold and over clicks viral on social media during Gym, She looks so healthy and hot in recent clicks.

Hanish Qureshi loses weight to prepare herself for the Pakistan Showbiz Industry and work in television drama serials and in the Lollywood film industry. Hanish Qureshi continued her studies in fashion design and also worked as a social media influencer.