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After Break Up Tiktoker Jannat Mirza Share Clicks For Ex

At the start of her career, Jannat Mirza makes lip-sync Tiktok videos but after some time she starts collaborating with the other Tiktok stars and concentrating on it, and now she is at the first number who has the highest Tiktok followers in Pakistan and she gains them due to her effort.

You all know few month ago tiktoker jannat mirza got engaged with famous young tikok star Umar Butt, But today jannat mirza share against her finace umar butt, Jannat Mirza celebrate valentine day alone, She smoking cigerate, Jannat Mirza write caption on cake ” Fuck Love”, these are following clicks viral on social media.

Jannat Mirza got into a controversy when she announced that she would be leaving Pakistan and moving to Japan because of the mentality of the people here. He then clarified that he would not be leaving Pakistan permanently, he is in Japan for recovery.

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