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Bilal Qureshi Romantic Clicks With Young Lovely Wife Uroosa Qureshi

Uroosa Bilal and Bilal Qureshi are the Best Unmistakable Several in the Pakistan Showbiz Industry and the Best Ever Entertainers too. They have 2 wonderful Children and the Best Everyday Life Wherever the two of them are Proceed with their Kids Together.

Nowdays Actress Uroosa Qureshi and Bilal Qureshi enjoy vocations with sons, Uroosa qureshi share some lovely clicks with family on instagram account, Uroosa Qureshi wore winter pent shirt, She looks so cute young and lovely. They both Bilal and Uroosa not works in any new project from last few years, they spent all time with family.

Bilal Qureshi and Uroosa Bilal are a youthful couple who give a diversion to their crowd occasionally and frequently transfer the most recent pictures from various occasions on their social record. They get hitched on the fourteenth of February 2015, on valentine’s day.

Uroosa Qureshi is a Pakistani television performer and model. She is generally well known for her parts in Meenu Ka Susral, Daagh, and Sartaj Mera Tu Raaj Mera for which she was assigned for Best Cleaning agent Performer at the fourth Mumble Awards.

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