Sadia Imam consider the most successfull and biggest actress in Pakistani drama industry, She is very beautifull and talented star, Actress Sadia imam mostly play bhabhi or mother roles in drama, Pakistani families mostly like sadia imam roles in dramas, She is most famosu and youngest star.

Senior actress Sadia imam share latest lovely clicks on instagram account with family and friends, Sadia Imam wore simple punjabi dress with dubatta, She looks so beautifull and innocent star, In latest pictures Sadia Imam looks so smart and young in this age.

In 2022, Actress Sadia Imam is 43 years young star, She was born in 1979 at karachi Pakistan. She is very smart young and fit in this age, You know Sadia imam got married in 2012 with Adnan Haider, Now they are parents of one cute doughter. Sadiam Imam won the lux style award for the best Tv actress and also nomination lux style award for the best TV actress.