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Hareem Farooq Wearing mehndi Dressing Cute Pictures

The most-watched film, Parchi, was co-produced and directed by Hareem Farooq. She has worked with well-known fashion houses and established herself as a model in addition to acting.

She has appeared in Pakistani films as a heroine in addition to roles in dramas. Furthermore, there is no question that nature has enriched this young lady with enormous ability, a sharp brain, and certainty.

Pakistani actors are aware that if they want to look good on screen, they need to lose weight. Despite the fact that these actors were equally talented and self-assured when they gained weight, the majority of them realized that they would look even better if they lost weight.

Hareem Farooq looks stunning in her crimson gown! In a crimson dress, the actress was recently seen leaving her Karachi home. Hareem has recently gained attention for her excellent acting abilities and tasteful outfit choices.

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