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Nadia Afghan with her Husband Clever Photos

Nadia Afgan is an astounding entertainer who has an adoration for pets. She’s joyfully hitched to Jodi (Jawad). She has two pets also. In her Instagram bio, Nadia keeps in touch with herself as ‘Canines’ Mother’.

Nadia and Jodi likewise posted their journeying pictures alongside their pets. View the photos caught by the cute Nadia Afgan and her better half!

Sarmad Khoosat and Nadia Afgan are incredible co-stars and dear companions; they have magnificent science together. Entertainer Nadia Afgan has of late gone to the wedding of eminent chief Sarmad Khoosat’s loved ones.

Moreover, Sarmad Khoosat shared a moving clasp from her niece’s Mehndi festivity. Sarmad Khoosat should be visible moving on the pastor with the lady in the video. Here is the video, appreciate it!

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