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Ali Safina and His Wife Hira Tareen Before Beach Going Pictures

Hira Tareen took to Instagram and shared some fun pictures of the family together. She enjoyed the sun, the sand, and the beach with her loved ones. Hira’s makeup like always was on point and she had chosen brown and nude shades to liven up her beach look.

While Ali Safina had a swimming day, Hira Tareen was seen wearing a white summer dress and seashells for a beach getaway with her young daughter and sisters.

Our Celebrities definitely have the most hectic routine and king working hours resulting in too long for a refreshing break. Family is definitely the first thing that provides you the best escape from your worries and worldly pursuits.

Hira had chosen brown and nude tones to brighten up her beach appearance, and her makeup was flawless as always. Here are some entertaining images of the family during their day at the beach.

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