Hammad Farooqui blessed a new New Baby

Entertainer Hammad Farooqui shares wonderful charming snaps with youthful spouses and adorable children. The spouse of Hammad farooqi is very beautiful and youthful, however, she does not work in the showbiz industry. The spouse of Hammad wore full close pants confined shirt.

As of late, both the siblings were welcomed in the famous kickoff Out With Ahsan Khan in which Faraz Farooqui uncovered the mystery of his twin sibling Hammad Farooqui about leaving his first love for his loved ones.

Assuming that we discuss the period of Entertainer Hammad Farooqui in 2022, he turned 33 years of age, He was brought into the world in 1988. Hammad Farooqui is likewise astonishing work in the Entertainment world, the most well-known film of Hammad farooqi is Socha the Pyaar a Karenge.

Discussing Hammad, Faraz said, “before marriage, Hammad was truly engaged with a young lady and unexpectedly he conversed with the family about her yet our family didn’t consent to his decision, around then

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