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Mawra Hocane Celebrates her Birthday with Cute Friend Ameer Gilani

A gifted and flexible entertainer renowned for her in-vogue style sense, contentions, and striking demeanor. A prominent name in the Pakistani media industry is Mawra Hocane.

She additionally went to Bollywood and was seen for her absolute first exhibition. She has become extremely particular now with her work and last we saw her in an exceptionally impressive job in Sabata. It is Mawra’s birthday month and she has been praising it with full energy and excitement.

In the viral pictures, it tends to be seen that the two of them are presenting with the pure breed pony and taking pictures of themselves. Individuals used to say that what is the motivation behind wearing such disgusting garments and furthermore why to bother with remaining on a pony.

Ali Gillani was the sweetheart of Mawra cocaine yet most recent couple of months the two of them not see together in any party or capability, Might be mawra and ali Gillani separate?

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