Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazil Holidays Like Honeymoon Pictures

Ali Zafar is an attractive Pakistani entertainer, a mind-blowing vocalist, an astounding musician and maker, and in like manner a model. Ali Zafar has acquired monstrous prevalence and love all around the world with his ability, effortlessness, and constancy.

Ali Zafar is perhaps of the most renowned and most extravagant Pakistani artists. He has an enchanting voice and is gorgeous a vocalist. He entered in Pakistani industry nearly at 17 age. His most well-known melody is Channo Ki Aankh fundamental aik nashi hai which was acknowledged in 2003 this tune is as yet famous in Pakistani individuals’ hearts.

Ayesha Fazli is very beautiful youthful and fit, She is additionally keen on showbiz, however her better half Ali Zafar does not give consent to her spouse Ayesha Fazli for working in the showbiz industry. The marriage area of Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazil is Lahore,

Ali Zafar is a well-known vocalist and entertainer whose resonant voice keeps the vast majority of sweethearts revived and many addresses their sentiments with the assistance of his significant melodies. His most memorable melody “Channo”

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