Ayesha Omar is the design symbol of a Pakistani media outlet. She has secured herself as quite possibly of the most reliable star in Pakistan. She has done shows as well as movies and she shakes each job without limit.

The Strong One Showbiz Star Ayesha Omar Lookin so Breathtaking and Shocking at this Age She is exceptionally Gifted and Presumed Piece of Showbiz Industry this Year She likewise did a film with Ahsan Khan and Presently its live in Films.

Ayesha Omar is a well-known entertainer, model, vocalist, and brand minister of many dress and beauty care products merchants. She is perhaps of the best entertainer who won three greatest honors including Lux style grants.

Ayesha Omar is most well known and most youthful Entertainer and YouTuber. Considered as a style symbol in her nation of origin, Ayesha Omar is one of the most well known and most generously compensated entertainers of Pakistan. She is exceptionally gifted and beautifull star.