Dua Zehra and Zaheer First Interview of Young Couple

Dua Zehra vanished from her home in Karachi and the case sent the entire country into a furor. From that point forward Dua has approached and wedded Zaheer Ahmed from Punjab. The couple and Dua’s folks are in a fight in court over Dua’s age and the legitimacy of the marriage.

Dua Zehra is a teen young lady who took off from her home two months prior to the wedding a kid whom she cherished the most. After she disappeared, her folks attempt to find her all over the place and they were in a truly hopeless condition.

Dua Zehra evaporated from her Karachi home, and the matter angered the whole country. From that point forward, Dua has approached, wedded to Punjabi Zaheer Ahmed. The couple and Dua’s folks are quarreling in court over Dua’s age and the marriage’s authenticity.

10 days earlier, a young woman named Dua Zehra vanished from the Shah Faisal Town area of Karachi. Likewise, the young woman’s case went so well known by means of virtual amusement that people concerned immediately paid notice. On the other hand, numerous people said that the ongoing government should take a brief action on this case.

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