Mariyam Nafees and Aman Ahmed Stunning Pictures in Islamabad

Mariyam Nafees is the most youthful and exquisite Entertainer in the Pakistani Showbiz Industry, She is an exceptionally gifted and well-known star. Mariyam Nafees play the astounding exhibition in each show, She assumes both positive or negative parts, yet she generally assumes negative parts. She is exceptionally receptive and most amusing Star.

Haqeeqi Azadi Walk has truly made a promotion and our number one VIPs are investigating every possibility to appreciate and uphold their chief. Mariyam Nafees is at the first spot on the list, her previous assertion was portraying her affection for her chief Imran Khan.

She wrote in the subtitle that it’s the initial morning and nonconformists are as yet being scattered by the police. They are tossing nerve gas. Eventually, she composes Kis Ko Roko Gay.

Mariyam Nafees while discussing the prevalent difficulty to get hitched, referenced that “When I was 19 years of age, my mom began persuading me to get hitched and I resembled no I’m only 19 years of age. My mom used to say that get hitched first and afterward would do anything you like to do.

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