Ayeza Khan is only 30 Years of age Pakistani Famous people She is a Self observer character and Generally dislikes to Visit or go to Showbiz Gatherings also Weddings of Various Entertainer and Associates. First Time Ayeza Khan Wore this DIfferent Style Nosepin Actually look at A few New Pictures.

Ayeza Khan is perhaps the best entertainer in Pakistan. She is strong, she is certain and notwithstanding being a mother of two, Ayeza Khan is a dedicated entertainer and a mother too. Despite the fact that Ayeza Khan hasn’t done any film, she has had her theatrics finales separated films, two times, pulling more crowd than various Pakistani movies set up.

She has been in media outlets for the than a decade. Ayeza is right now the most senior entertainer in the show business. In 2010, Ayeza Khan featured in her most memorable show, Tum Jo Miley, with Fahad Mustafa. She proceeded to deal with an assortment of undertakings after that.

The Chupke star never depends on the rational styles but rather likes to choose something changed, popular and new. This time she’s raising the bars high by parading a conventional large nose ring with ebony hair and excellent front bangs.