Arisha Raazi is an exceptionally youthful and Exquisite Entertainer in the Pakistani showbiz Industry, She is the most renowned and gifted Star, Presently Entertainer Arisha Razi’s slow work in the Pakistani showbiz Industry, She assumes for the most part Regrettable parts in Pakistani dramatizations, She is extremely blameless Entertainer. Arisha Razi gives the astounding and remarkable acting in each Show.

Arisha Razi is one of Pakistan’s most notable performers. She started her profession as a young star and has now advanced to turn into a carefully prepared TV entertainer. She’s likewise shown up in various promotions for different brands.

Arisha is working on a few serials and movies and improving her acting abilities with all her tasks. Shockingly she did her most memorable business at 1 year old and subsequently, she became relentless. Arisha is known for supporting characters.

After Aiman Khan and Minal Khan opened their attire image, entertainer Arisha Razi Khan has likewise opened her own dress image. She is only 18 years of age and has ventured into her business at this youthful age.