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Mariyam Nafees enjoying her First Eid as a Married Life

Mariyam Nafees and Amaan Ahmed are the Exquisite Couples who See one another Invest energy and Appropriately Attempt to see each other Now Mariayam Nafees is At long last Married to Amaan have a Decent Comprehension of One another.

Mariyam Nafees just got hitched to life partner Amaan Ahmed in service with dear loved ones. The couple is cheerful and thus infatuated. It was their most memorable Eid post-marriage and Mariyam shared a few lovely minutes from the event with her fans and supporters.

Mariyam Nafees is an excellent Pakistani entertainer and model. Mariyam acquired a lot of exposure after her full glitz wedding with Amaan Ahmed. Amaan is likewise a visual craftsman and chief. The power couple is presently renowned among the netizens.

Mariyam Nafees is a delightful Pakistani model and TV entertainer. The entertainer started her profession as Zarminey in the Murmur television dramatization series Diyar-e-Dil, close by Osman Khalid Butt, who had her sibling’s influence. Her other extraordinary shows are Yaqeen Ka Safar, Mohabbat Chor Di Maine, and Kamzarf, among others.

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