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BTS of Parizad Ahmed Ali Akbar with Cute Yumna Zaidi New Pictures

Ahmed Ali Akbar is the Delightful Character Entertainer who is At present standing out from the Crowd by Playing the Superhit Job in the Dramatization of Parizad. He is the Principle Character who turns into the PZ Mir and Presently Every Transforms into Steadfast with Parizad.

Ahmed Ali Akbar has an extensive rundown of accomplishments in his profession. He has left an imprint in theater, TV, and movies. His film Laal Kabootar prevailed upon basic approval and acclaim all the world. Laal Kabootar was additionally Pakistan’s true section to the Oscars. Individuals have additionally cherished his exhibitions in dramatizations Ehd-e-Wafa and Ye Raha Dil.

The shocking on-screen pair, as well as the group, we’re overjoyed to work their charm for us by consolidating their own show-stoppers. Wasl is an assortment that praises our legacy as well as the very fine things in life that we appreciate.

I super can’t envision that any other individual than Yumna and Ahmed could improve. This show-stopper is the ideal illustration of how flawlessly drawn characters and scenes have the capacity to entranced their crowd.

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