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Dobara Drama Actress Hadiqa Kiani some Stunning and Massive Look Pictures

Hadiqa Kiani is a popular Pakistani artist, lyricist, entertainer, and giver. Not just this, Hadiqa Kiani runs her own beauty parlor in different urban communities of Pakistan. However Hadiqa has given an extraordinary appearance in the dramatization of sequential Udaari and the film Bol, nonetheless, she amazed everybody with her introduction in 2020.

Hadiqa Kiani the Famous Artist of the Showbiz Business who Presently Transforms into acting with an Extremely Charming Style and She is Looking Astounding in her New Dramatization Dobara with Bilal Abbas the two of them are assuming the Entirely unexpected Part Hadiqa playing the Widow job in this sequential an exceptionally rich Widow and Bilal is the Companion and Mentor of Hadiqa.

Hadiqa Kiani has administered the music business and the hearts of her fans for a really long time, with her brilliant tunes and particular sound. Kiani comprehends how to mix hearts with her music, whether it’s Boohey Bariyan or traditional Wajd. Hadiqa Kiani began another section in her vocation last year, and it was generally welcomed.

She has told in the meeting how much clear she was in her idea when she chose to take on a kid. She affirmed that it was the finish of July when she found a spot at the feasting table with her sister and said that she would take on a child kid and had also thought of the name Naad-e-Ali.

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