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Hira Mani New Fashion Look wearing Man Kurta New Pictures

Hira Mani looked lovely in a dark tanktop as they cut the yummiest chocolate cake. Mani, her better half, then spread chocolate all around her face in celebration. She additionally inscribed the photograph, “I will get payback on Mani on his birthday in Spring.”

As of late, the Simple Paas Tum Ho entertainer has bounced onto the Pasoori temporary fad and moved on tune alongside her make up craftsman. Her over articulations and uncomfortable stance and dressing touched off analysis.

As of late Her astonishing saree mix with a bicycle shirt made a buzz via web-based entertainment where individuals including Nida Yasir savaged her yet she certainly conveyed her surprising look and amusingly portrayed the entire story behind her pullover.

Hira Salman, otherwise called Hira Mani, is a Pakistani TV entertainer, moderator and previous video jockey. He has featured in the hit series, including Hit Marry, Preet Na Kariyo Koi, Sun Yaara Yaqeen Ka Safar, Thays, Do Bol, Ghalati and Kashf, Yun to pyar hai bahut.

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