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Latest Gorgeous Pictures Of Shaiba With Husband Rambo

Reema Khan is a phenomenal craftsman, an entertainer, and a maker who has gained notoriety for herself through indefatigable difficult work and battle. Khan was presented by Javed Fazil, the head of film Bulandi, who conceded her the job of driving in his film. She has dealt with more than 200 movies and was granted the Pride of Execution in 2019 for her devotion.

Rambo Afzal begins a delightful existence with his Life Accomplice Sahiba Afzal and She likewise Looks So Fit and youthful at this Age. Sheik Rasheed Pastor of Pakistan additionally loves Reema Khan however Sadly, The two of them do Not Become A couple.

Afzal Khan was clad in the dark while Sahiba wore a delightful dull gold outfit. Reema Khan was seen wearing a fuchsia pink Lajwanti Vishwas and looked ethereal as usual. Here are a few pictures from the wedding:

What’s more, presently she isn’t seen working in any new Pakistani show or film. She is investing energy in America with her significant other and parents-in-law. At the point when she shows up in Pakistan a year after the fact, she is seen facilitating a Ramadan transmission on some private Television station.

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