Ushna Shah and Nimra Khan offering a Venture Shoot in Europe Nations and They are As of now Remaining in Turkey to partake in the Most joyful life Time with Companions. Saba Faisal Appropriately consumes fewer calories and Attempts to Turn out to be More Fit and Solid.

Ahmed and Ushna were presently found in the show series Parizaad, which depends on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of a similar name, for which he has acquired basic praise and is being acclaimed by both the crowd and famous people for his easy yet lovely translation of the job.

His most recent recordings with Ushna Shah are becoming all the rage. Whenever the two entertainers were spotted together on a trailer send-off, it made fans inquisitive and they began hypothesizing about the “Dating”. At the start, when Ushna saw Feroze, she immediately embraced the entertainer.

The reason for this astonishing writing celebration is to advance our Urdu content. Gluco and look fans have presented new nursery rhymes for youngsters having all the emphasis on our wonderful language.