Dr Madiha Khan has more than 1 million devotees on Instagram and multiple million adherents on Tiktok, while Mj Ahsan has more than 500k supporters on Instagram and 2.6 million on TikTok.

Dr. Madiha recently shared amazing photos and recordings of her Maiyoon with her Instagram devotees, in which she is decked out in a yellow merry symbol.

The excellent couple is well known for their recordings and pictures together. They are a genuine two or three objectives and are appreciated and venerated by a larger number of people. As of late, the couple went together for Umrah. Several updates the fans via virtual entertainment.

We send them our all the best for joy and outcome later on. It’s awesome and excellent that youngsters need to be in a halal relationship as opposed to wait in a mysterious one. Here are a few pictures from their occasion.