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Shahid Afridi explain about her Daughter social media Accounts

Shahid Afridi is cousin of CEO of Haier Pakistan, Javed Afridi. He likewise functioned as the President of PSL group Peshawar Zalmi whose proprietor was his cousin Javed. He likewise possesses an establishment by the name ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’ that was established in 2014. This establishment gives schooling and medical care offices to the penniless

Shahid Afridi has likewise connected the screen capture of phony record and by taking name told that his girl Ansha isn’t on any online media stage. There’s a fortuitous event that the names of his all little girls start from An and in a meeting prior he told that there could have been no appropriate arranging or plan behind keeping the names of his little girls with the letter A, it is only an incident.

Shahid Afridi taking to his authority twitter account eliminated any confusion in regards to his girls web-based media accounts. In a twitter message Afridi said that he needed to explain that none of his girls has any online media accounts

Shahid Afridi went to the morning show of famous morning show have Nida Yasir three years earlier. In the remarkable exhibition of Good Morning Pakistan, he chatted with the host on each point related to him. Moreover

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