Minal Khan with her Smart and Shy Husband New photography

Minal Khan uncovered that her better half was worried about the possibility that that his lady would flee on her big day. In the video, Ahsan Mohsin Ikram affirmed that he was truly terrified of them and yet said that he was likewise apprehensive that he would flee all alone.

Various recordings of Aiman and Minal Khan cutting cakes and praising birthday celebrations are as of now circling via online media which are by and large generally welcomed by their devotees and fans.

As of late they kept their fans entertained by their wonderful recordings and pictures from Murree followed by their excursion to Turkey. This couple commended their new year in Turkey and we couldn’t resist the urge to love this team for the love and science they share with one another.

Minal Khan said, “I got hitched to Ahsan on account of his prominent as you alluded, I wedded him since he’s rich and stable.

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