Shahveer Jafry Grand Mother Is No More

Shahveer Jafry is a famous, talented, and handsome Youtuber and vlogger in Pakistan who recently got married to Ayesha Baig and Shahveer Jafry also uploads his wedding videos on his channel and he had above 3.1 Million subscribers on his channel.

Recently the grandmother of Shahveer Jafry passed away and it is a great loss for his family and after the marriage of Shahveer the family was very happy but suddenly they face this incident and felt sad and the whole family loved her grandmother a lot.

Shahveer’s ignorance of Urdu and his Punjabi accentuation have made his vids more relatable to the South Asian community. His Urdu one-liners that frequently end in “ kaaaaaar lo” and “ maaaaaar lo” are the highlights of his vids. Shahveer’s parents, siblings, and musketeers have been featured in numerous of his vids.

Still, it also made rounds on social media as several notable members of Shahveer Jafry’s clan were present, for case, Zaid Ali! Have a look at the marriage filmland Recently, the vlogger tied the knot with fashion developer Ayesha Baig in an extravagant form.

Recently, the YouTuber tells the suckers about the demise of his grandmama, he took the sad news to his Instagram, he said to suckers that his Daaadi has passed away. He wrote a small homage for his grandmother too. He prompted his suckers to supplicate for the departed soul.

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