Nida Yasir Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Husband In Her Brother Walima

Nida Yasir the famous and beautiful actress, host, and model in the Pakistan Showbiz Industry who recently appear in walima function of her brother in which she wears a white dress and her husband also wears a beautiful and gorgeous pant coat.

She also looked like Sonya Hussyn. However, when it came to a family wedding, he kept it the old-fashioned way. Nida Yasir was recently spotted celebrating her brother’s walima ceremony and she wears a black-colored simple cultural dress.

Stars in a frame Exclusive photos At the Valima reception of Nida Yasir’s younger brother, Talha Pasha, in the presence of many celebrities in Karachi. Nida Yasir’s makeup was done by Eric G Salon, dress by HARIS SHAKEEL, jewelry by MHT Allure, images by Faraz Mirza Weddings.

Nida Yasir took full advantage of this wedding and also put on a fun and spectacular dance performance. He looked so glamorous throughout the black matrix adorned with beautiful gold hand embroidery. Sonya Hussyn made a blissful appearance with her sister and mother.

The marriage of Nida’s brother was certainly a celebrity affair. Yesterday evening, Nida Yasir’s brother had his Walima ceremony. Nida Yasir looked adorable when she was photographed by “Haris Shakeel” wearing a black embroidered dress. Check out stunning photos of Valima, Nida Yasir’s starry brother.

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