Mawra Hocane is an amazing and stunning and beautiful model and actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and like her mother, she is also very beautiful like her mother was beautiful when she was young but she still loves her mother a lot and clicks many pictures.

The famous actress from Sabaat shared a series of adorable photos with her mother on special occasions and this actress Mawra Hocane appear in many photoshoots with her mother and they both Mawra and her mother spend mostly quality time together.

Incredibly talented, beautiful, and extraordinary, Mawra Hocane meets her mother Razia Makhdoom after two years. Mawra took to her Instagram account to greet her mother in the most sincere way. She shared a photo with her mom and she is seen hugging her stepmom and her eyes are closed with contentment.

She feels when hugging her mom. I am who I am because you let me become, I haven’t seen you for 2 years and I’ve been living away from you for almost a decade now, Thank you for being the wind under our wings, from us allow us to pursue our dreams, for everything and for more.

Mawra is very attached to her mother who has always been there for her. She worked hard to raise her amazing children and now her children also appreciate all that she has done for them. Mawra Hocane celebrated her mother’s birth in style, like everything she does.