Hiba Bukhari Romantic Beautiful Wedding Pictures With Arez Ahmed

Hiba Bukhari the famous actress and model now becomes the wife of Arez Ahmed and they both fall in love with each other and they decided to spend their whole life together and get married. Arez Ahmed loved her wife Hiba Bukhari a lot as seen in pictures.

The couple was seen beaming with happiness as they posed for photos together and in their pictures from a wedding you can clearly see that the husband of Hiba Bukhari, Arez Ahmed kissed her on her face and it shows her love for her wife Hiba Bukhari.

She said, Mein hamesha sochti thi what’s the first look. I saw him today! The look, the laughs, and those tears (I always thought what was the first look .. I saw it today! The look, the laughs, and those tears “, caption next to the photo which she shares on her Instagram.

Arez Ahmed and Hiba Bukhari as the lovebirds got married on Thursday and shared the best photos of their Nikkah ceremony Hiba Bukhari, the beautiful bride, fully expresses her joy and happiness to marry the love of her life, Arez Ahmed. Sharing the most anticipated image.

Actress Deewangi wrote that she has always thought about what the first look is and now she has witnessed it today with lots of laughs with tears in her eyes. Here we have collected some beautiful pictures of Hiba and Arez from the rukhsati event, check them out.

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