Sabeeka Imam Latest Beautiful Pictures In Short Dress From Dubai

Sabeeka Imam is a famous and amazing actress and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry who recently appeared in a photoshoot in which she wears a beautiful but short dress and her body was clearly seen in her pictures and her fans criticize her new pictures in which she wears a short dress.

She also said that it is part of our cultural values ​​that a woman should take care of her husband. Sabeeka Imam said he believed in this culture just as he had seen it in his upbringing and she appears in a legless dress while she was in Dubai and spending her vocations.

She made her acting debut in the British film 7 Welcome to London in 2012 and since then Sabeeka has attracted a large number of fans. The actress Sabeeka Imam has worked in several films such as Sherdil and Jalaibee. She was also seen in the television series Laaj.

Sabeeka Imam walked the red carpet on the knees of longtime boyfriend Hasnain Lehri. The two had cut it up some time ago in a very public way, but now it looks like they’re back together again. However, what raised more questions than the two of them encountered was Sabeeka Imam’s hairstyle.

Sabeeka Imam also dialed the item number in the Pakistani film Jalebi. It always looks great. Sabeeka Imam has walked the ramp for a number of designers. Recently he did a photoshoot for a lawn brand. Here we have pictures from Sabeeka Imam’s latest photoshoot.

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