Hadiqa Kiani Tell About Her Struggle After Her Father’s Death

Hadiqa Kiani is an amazing, talented, beautiful, and famous television presenter (Show Host), actress, singer, songwriter, and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and she did a lot struggle to achieve this success and her mother helped her a lot.

Hadiqa Kiani open up about her struggle in a show and said that she was three years old when her father died and her mother support them because she was educated and she start her job and grew them up and she said her brother also helped her a lot in her singing career.

Pakistani music queen and now phenomenal actress Hadiqa Kiani wowed audiences with her phenomenal performances. Like music, he invested body and soul in acting and it shows on screen. Recently, the multifaceted Hadiqa Kiani was spotted in an interview with “Something Haute”.

The celebrity recently took to her Instagram account where she expressed her gratitude and gratitude to the government for allowing children of single mothers to acquire CNICs without their father’s information. Hadiqa Kiani started her career as a singer.

Now she is expanding her career as a songwriter, actress, and TV presenter. She is a master of sound and a musician of the lips. I am very grateful to the brave men and women who fought to make this change. We continue on the right path, we make a stronger and stronger Pakistan, “said Kiani.

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