Amazing and beautiful actress Kinza Hashmi is also a famous model who appears in many television drama serials and many photoshoots and in her latest photoshoot she wears a beautiful gold color bridal dress and she shared her pictures on her Instagram in which she had 5.9M followers.

Kinza Hashmi appear in three television drama serials in 2021 and the drama serials names are Ruposh and Mohlat in which she played the role of Maham and the third one is Azmaish in which she played the role of Nimra in this television drama serial.

Pakistani actress and model Kinza Hashmi started her career at a young age. Kinza Hashmi is a well-known and renowned Pakistani actress and model and Kinza has appeared in numerous photoshoots and now recently appeared in a photoshoot in which she wears a beautiful silver wedding dress in which she looks so cute and cute.

Recently, her drama series Tum Ishq Hy and Ishq Tamasha aired on Hum TV, making her more popular than ever. Besides acting, she also spent time modeling. He’s done a lot of photoshoots, and he manages to get his head inside each one. His claim to fame was in the play Ishq Tamasha.

She entered the industry without any media experience and quickly won the hearts of the public. He succeeded in the profession after a lot of hard work as it was his childhood ambition to see himself on TV, and his wish came true after many hours of sleeplessness and a lot of effort.