Kompal Iqbal Latest Beautiful Picture With Husband On His Birthday

Kompal Iqbal is a famous television drama serial actress and model in Pakistan who is also the sister of a famous actress Sumbal Iqbal and Komapal Iqbal recently get married and her husband is also such a handsome man and she shared her pictures from her wedding.

Kompal Iqbal recently appeared at the birthday of her husband and she celebrates it by cutting a cake and Kompal Iqbal wears a baby pink color dress in which she was looking so beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning and shared her pictures on Instagram.

If we talk about the age of Pakistani actress and model Kompal Iqbal in 2021, then she turned 30. And it is naturally so beautiful that the viewer becomes his admirer at a glance. And in the past, he also starred in the HUM TV series Zindagi Tujh Ko Jiya.

She has appeared in many plays with exceptional acting. She has an attractive appearance and incredible talents as a model-actress. Kompal Iqbal’s first drama was “Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah” on Ary Digital in 2012.

The actress is exceptionally talented, having performed in plays such as Quddusi Sahab ki Bewah, Janay Kyun, Inteha, Shehrnaz, and many more. on his Instagram account. The video shows the couple enjoying an intimate birthday party. With a delicious white-looking birthday cake and a beautiful bouquet of red and white flowers.

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