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Aiman Khan And Minal Khan Latest Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot

Minal Khan and Aiman Khan both are actresses, model, and twin sister who was born on the same date 20 November 1998, in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan) and Aiman Khan get married in 2018 to Muneeb Butt, and her sister Minal Khan get married in 2021 with Ahsan Mohsin.

This time around, they’ve created a trendy selection of beautiful, embroidered clothing and a bridal look in their recent picture Aiman Khan wears a red colo bridal dress and her twin sister Minal Khan wears a black color bridal dress in which both twin sisters look beautiful.

Both are really gorgeous in their dresses and outfits, and their makeup is stunning as well; they were both groomed for their session. Aiman ​​Khan, a Pakistani actress, is one of the country’s most famous celebrities. It won an award in the same category at the Hum Social Media Awards.

She is now away from television and concentrating on her family life. With brilliant performances in TV series, a loving wife for Muneeb Butt, and a wonderful mother for Amal, it shouldn’t be surprising to see why Aiman ​​Khan is being talked about with millions of fans and followers.

Aiman Khan wife of Muneeb and Minal Khan wife of Ahsan Mohsin are twin sisters. Both are young and most talented screen characters in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The two were recently dressed by Aasaniyan Beauty Studio. Here are the beautiful pictures you might like.

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