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Sarah Khan And Falak Shabir Latest Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot

Both famous actress and singer Falak Shabir and Sarah Falak appear in a photoshoot in which Sarah Falak (Sarah Khan) looked like a precious queen in her orange-colored outfit and her husband Falak Shabir also appreciates the beauty of her wife.

Falak Shabir’s cutest act of giving Sarah a flower a day is everyone’s favorite. The beautiful actress is making great strides in show business and Falak Shabir appears in pictures with his wife Sarah Falak and in their pictures Sarah wears an orange color dress and Falak wears a red-colored outfit.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir suddenly got married and their fans were happy and surprised. Everyone wants to know the love story of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir. Falak and Sarah have kept their love affair a secret. After Sarah and Falak got married, Falak Shabir told the whole story of how he fell in love with Sarah.

A beautifully designed dress, heavily decorated with stones and pearls, the exceptional carving at the bottom of the dress was certainly a masterpiece tonight. Sarah Khan walked up the ramp with her husband Falak Shabir. Their entry was marked by holding hands and Falak Shabir singing a beautiful song for his wife.

The audience really enjoyed their appearance on the ramp and gave them a huge round of applause. The two were pictured walking through Bridal Couture Week looking gorgeous. Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir’s friendship and passion for social media continue to unfold.

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