Famous Tiktoker Kanwal Aftab Latest Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot

Kanwal Aftab is a multi-talented woman in Pakistan and she also did work in Tiktok, Instagram, youtube, and many other platforms and she makes short videos on Tiktok and Instagram she make reels videos and she works in some pranks for different channels.

And she also did the introduction on the channel and seek the attention of people because they like her and gave her introduction to Kanwal Aftab and now she become a model because she appears in many photoshoots for different brands.

Kanwal Aftab rose to fame after uploading videos to her TikTok account. And now she’s become a celebrity. And it’s currently followed by millions of people on the TikTok account. Just a few days ago, her marriage to Zulqarnain Sikander remained in the spotlight on social media.

In addition to being a TikToker, Kanwal Aftab is also a Vlogger and Web News Presenter who often makes joke videos. Kanwal is married to TikTok star Zulqarnain Sikandar. Kanwal Aftab appears in numerous photoshoots for top Pakistani fashion brands.

She is a very elegant woman. She works as a model in a wedding photoshoot. She looked so pretty. Gorgeous Kanwal Aftab starred in a wedding photo shoot with minimal makeup like a Nikkah bride. Kanwal Aftab displays ethereal charm and elegance while wearing beautiful light green Nikkah clothing.

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