Fatima Effendi Birthday Celebration Pictures With Husband Kanwar Arsalan In Dubai

Fatima Effendi is an amazing and talented actress and model who recently got married in 2012 and both celebrate the birthday of Fatima Effendi on 17 December in Dubai and her husband Kanwar Arsalan also appear there for her birthday party.

Their marriage was based on love and that love came from Kanwar’s wife. Kanwar Arsalan insisted that Fatima’s mother accept the proposal because they both love each other and they decided to get married and they get married in Karachi and now spending their happily married life.

The couple grew and “loved” each other even more after nearly eight years of marriage. And one of the things these two couples have in common. It’s because they’re both working on a project that sends a positive message to the company.

Fatima Effendi wears a beautiful dress from the brand Lulusar, makeup from Rabia Anum Salon and Spa, photography from Jimmy Jafri, and venue The Forest Restaurant, an event hosted by event organizer Dream Team, wardrobe from little mudpie official children.

During a visit to Dubai, the couple was spotted spending time together. Recently Fatima and Kanwar were seen vacationing together in Dubai. Kanwar has planned a birthday trip to Dubai for his beautiful wife as a gift. Fatima and Kanwar previously told their fans and followers about their recent trip to Dubai.

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