Mushk Kaleem is a famous model who recently got married and in her latest pictures she wears a red bridal dress with red shaded lipstick and her husband wears black pant coat and a white shirt under his coat and both were looking so beautiful together at their wedding.

They beautifully create the biggest and brightest couple who get married in 2021 and during her marriage, their marriage pictures go viral and now they become the popular couple and the pictures of this couple are now circulating on social media.

A clean bun and dark pout with soft eyes were Mushk’s choice for makeup. in a flowing white dress for her Nikkah designed by Maria B. The beautiful photos of the ceremony were immediately shared by the friends present. Mushk works with several brands and designers.

She has also participated in many major fashion shows and bridal week. The model decided to marry the talented Beau Nadir Zia. Mushk made the deal with Nadir Zia and distributed delicious photos to fans on Instagram. We should look at the fascinating photos of Mushk Kaleem’s wedding occasions.

The couple had a narrow Nikkah ceremony, followed by a big mehndi event. It’s a big day for them because they are a wonderful couple in love for a long time. Here we have the photos of Mushk Kaleem’s wedding with her husband Nadir Zia that will amaze you.