Rahim Pardasi Latest Beautiful Pictures With Both Wives

Rahim Pardasi is a famous Youtuber and videos creator in Pakistan who has two Youtube channel and also he has two wives and she took care of both wives and he does not prefer one on other and he mostly appears in many photoshoots and share his pictures on Instagram.

In a recent vlog, he introduced his entire family and two wives. Due to certain circumstances, he got married twice. Rahim Pardasi has a two-channel first channel name is Rahim Pardesi and the second channel name is Pardasi Squad and the first channel got three million above subscribers and the second has above eleven lack.

The 31-year-old has been married twice for personal reasons never disclosed before. Pardesi has been married for 11 years to his first wife Sumera with whom he has three children. Youtuber and rapper Rahim Pardesi is famous for making funny and funny videos.

In a recent vlog, he introduced his entire family and two wives. Besides being YouTuber, Rahim Pardesi has also become an actor. recorded two of his own music videos. A new version of his new project “Bulla” is also recorded today.

The famous YouTuber, who is also one of Pakistan’s biggest content producers, shared the good news with his fans and followers on Instagram. He has a following big fan on his social media account thanks to his funny short videos. Recently, Rahim Pardesi introduced his 2 wives and shared his lovely photos with his family.

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