Srha Asghar And Rabya Kulsoom Latest Beautiful Photoshoot Together

Rabya Kulsoom is a talented, beautiful, stunning, amazing, gorgeous, and famous web series actress, film actress, music video presenter, television serial drama actress, and model who recently appeared in a photo shoot with a famous actress Srha Asghar.

Srha Asghar gives such a powerful performance and we love all of his sequences in the drama. Srha was so young when her father passed away and it was sad news for her family and they have to face many problems after them and Srha helped his family a lot.

Rabya Kulsoom and Srha Asghar have mastered their dance moves well and have started running their own YouTube channel where they shared dance choreography videos. Famous show couple Rabya Kulsoom and Rehan Nazim are lucky to have a baby.

The couple took to their social media account to break the news to their fans. Friends and family, including actress Srha Asghar, congratulated the young couple on becoming parents. Srha Asghar and Umar met at a friend’s wedding, became friends on Facebook.

Srha has worked in the entertainment industry since 2015. Starting her acting career with small roles in Pakistani dramas, Srha has slowly grown into a household name. Let’s have a look at the beautiful and gorgeous pictures of Srha Asghar and Rabya Kulsoom together.

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