Sonya Hussyn And Ayesha Gul Latest Beautiful Pictures In Newyork

The full name of Sonya Hussyn is Sonya Hussyn Bukharee but she is famous due to her stage name Sonya Hussyn and she is a famous and talented film actress, Tv host, model, and television serial drama actress who recently was in Newyork with Ayesha Gul.

Ayesha Gul is also a famous, beautiful, gorgeous, and talented television serial drama actress, film actress, and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry who was born on 8 August 1980 in Quetta, Pakistan, and according to 2021 she is 41 years old and she starts her career in 1999 when she was 19 years old.

Ayesha Gul and Sonya Hussyn are both established actresses known for their diverse roles and determined by roles. Ayesha Gul and Sonya Hussyn Hot and Stunning Pictures, Sonya Hussyn currently stars in the TV series “Saraab” and “Muhabbat Tujhy Alvida”.

Sonya Hussyn is currently starring in the drama series Saraab and Muhabbat Tujhy Alvida. In Saraab, she plays the character of a girl suffering from schizophrenia, and in Mohabbat Tujhy Avida, the character of a married woman who, out of thirst for money, sells her husband.

Ayesha Gul can be a particularly gifted actress, she has been working in this industry for years now. She is typically seen in supporting roles in plays. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of Sonya Hussyn and Ayesha Gul when they both were in Newyork.

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