Gul Panra Latest Beautiful Pictures From Murree

Gul Panra is a famous and talented singer in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and she was born on 6 September 1989, and according to 2021 she is 23 years old and she starts her acting career in 2009 and in 2013 she sing a sing Mashallah Mashallah and impress the audience of Pakistan.

Famous Pashtun singer Gul Panra at Arts and Entertainment Pictures can be easily accessed here online. Interesting images intensely capture the viewer and recently Gul Panra was in Murree and she wears a beautiful black dress and a long coat.

Gul Panra received an overwhelming response from her fans in the UK, where she recently performed a few concerts on Valentine’s Day. The Pashto and Urdu singer captivated music lovers on Saturday with several songs in Urdu and Pashto and a beautiful rendition of the Amadam man.

Famous Pakistani singer Gul Panra was also spotted enjoying the snow in Murree. Pashto folk singer who rose to fame after singing Man Aamadeh Am in a coke studio with Atif Aslam and get applause from her fans due to her pretty voice and beautiful face.

The investigation into the Gul Panra dance video was sent to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s chief secretary, Dr. Kazim Niaz, for further action. Let’s have a look at the gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful pictures of famous singer Gul Panra in which she was in Murree.

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