Minna Tariq Latest Beautiful Pictures From A Wedding

Minna Tariq is a famous, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, and talented television serial drama actress and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry who start her acting career in 2019 and she appear in two television serial dramas and that’s names are Vanee and Ruswai.

Minna Tariq did a great job in the Ruswai drama series. She demonstrated her acting skills with incredible acting skills. Minna Tariq is best known for her role in the famous Warda Ruswai television drama series and impress the audience due to her best acting skill.

Minna Tariq also works as a model and we have seen her in various photoshoots for famous stylists. He receives love and appreciation from his fans and followers. His most recent achievement was the drama series Ruswai in which his daughter Minna Tariq was also seen playing a role.

Rubina Ashraf recently announced her daughter Minna Tariq’s engagement to Imran Shaikh, which was shared by several news platforms. If playing the role of Warda for this series wasn’t enough, her latest photoshoot is sure to captivate you.

Minna Tariq played the role of Warda very well and her acting skills proved that she was a brilliant actress like her mother, Rubina Ashraf. Let’s have a look at the beautiful and gorgeous pictures of Minna Tariq in which she wears a silver-colored dress.

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