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Sharmila Farooqi Latest Beautiful Pictures In Her Halloween Look

Sharmila Farooqi is a famous politician and she is also from a politician family and is not bad to say that she is also a model in Pakistan because she clicks many pictures for her fans and shares them on her social media account to increase her followers.

Sharmila Farooqi got married to Hasham Riaz Sheikh about five times agone. And this marriage was celebrated with great fanfare and it was also given full content by the media and now Sharmila appears in the latest pictures in which she did beautiful Halloween makeup and impress her fans with her new look.

Sharmila Farooqi is a notorious politician. She’s the son of Usman Farooqi, who’s a former president of Pakistan Steel Mill. She belongs to a politician family. Sharmila Farooqi participated in her stunning makeover snaps on Halloween 2020.

She named a scary and seductive makeup look for celebrating Halloween with her musketeers. In the prints, she can be seen wearing a shell-themed black shirt. What steals the show is her makeup! She applies different makeovers on both sides of her cotillion.

On one side, she made a hoarse eye with shell teeth. On the other side, she made a dark eye with red lustrous camo. In the prints, she can be seen holding chains and a layoff. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of Sharmila Farooqi in which she did Halloween makeup.

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