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Sadia Khan Latest Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot

Sadia Khan is a talented and beautiful model, television serial drama actress, and film actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry who was born in Islamabad and she start her Showbiz career in 2010 and she also appears in many television serial dramas.

Sadia Khan appears in a new bridal photoshoot in which she is looking beautiful in her photoshoot and she also wears jewelry and Sadia did seven television serial dramas in her acting career and all her fans like her acting while she play a positive and negative role.

Her relationship with Imran Abbas was very popular with fans. Sadia Khan was also part of the play Shayad. Halimah Sadia Khan has played a number of powerful roles in the film in dramas such as Khuda Aur Mohabbat and is a leading model with a number of brands under her belt.

Sadia Khan is a stunning Pakistani actress and model with a wide range of roles. She is widely recognized throughout Pakistan for her acting and fashion style, most notably as Maryam in TV One’s Maryam Periera (2018). She is the only female photographer to have a business in the Hollywood arena.

She has worked in the Hollywood industry as a photographer for several actors. Her incredible choice of designs established her as an important celebrity. Let’s have a look at the beautiful and precious pictures of Sadia Khan in which she wears a beautiful bridal dress.

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