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Noor Jahan Grand Daughter Natasha Khalid Latest Beautiful Pictures With New Born Baby

Natasha Khalid is a famous, beautiful, and talented beautician, a make-up artist who always impress her customer with her best make-up skill and recently she birth a cute baby and she wear a green dress and holding her baby in her hands and share her pictures with her fans through Instagram.

Natasha is the owner of Natasha Salon and has done some very intricate looks for several magazines and photoshoots and as a model or beautician, she shared her work pictures with her fans to increase her popularity and expand her work.

Natasha Khali Lakhani of Natasha Salon took to Instagram to share the first photos of her baby. Wearing a beautiful emerald green dress, the new mom looked extraordinarily gorgeous, holding her baby in her arms and impressing her fans by sharing pictures with her baby.

She announced the arrival of her baby girl on her official Instagram account and left her a fan in a moment of wonder. Mom and baby a few days after our little angel came into the world to celebrate her arrival and thank you all for the gifts, prayers, and love you sent us, really humbled and moved.

The legendary singer’s granddaughter Madame Noor Jehan shares that she has received many messages about how she lost weight and how she looks so good after pregnancy. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Natasha Khalid in which she holds her newborn beautiful baby.

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