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Iqra Aziz And Yasir Hussain Latest Beautiful Pictures While Exchange Sweet Kisses

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Nawaz both are husband and wife and they appear in many pictures after every week and she likes to spread the love with each other on social media and they click pictures while doing kisses on the cheeks to each other and her fans like her pictures a lot.

Iqra Aziz played many roles in different dramas and gives her best in her acting career and also appear in various music videos and in 2021 she also appears in a music video and the music name is Mera Jora and her fans like her on every platform.

The lovely couple is now fortunate enough to have a beautiful son named Kabir Hussain. Iqra Aziz also runs her own YouTube channel and recently shared her new mom routine. It was so exciting to see her enthusiastically doing all the housework. to say that Kabir Hussain has become his top priority.

He also shared facts about postpartum depression that are generally not discussed in our society. Yasir Hussain confesses his undying love for his wife Iqra Aziz with an adorable photo. Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz are lucky to have a baby boy.

The couple welcomed their first child on Friday. The mother and baby are safe and sound. As soon as the photo was posted, social media users started to speculate and most of them believed Yasir and Iqra were married. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of Iqra Aziz with her husband while spreading the love with kisses.

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