Aima Baig And Shahbaz Shigri Latest Beautiful Pictures

Aima Baig is the best and talented singer in Pakistan and she is also the best actress because she did the best acting in her songs and make them real which gives a positive impact on her audience and due to her pretty voice in songs people like to hear her songs.

Earlier this year, the Slackistan-based actor revealed they will tie the knot later this year at the 5th HUM Style Awards. Reportedly, the couple met on the set of Parey Hut Love in 2019 and Shahbaz impress their fans with the best acting and Aima impressed them with a beautiful and unique pretty voice, both are very talented.

Aima took to her Instagram and shared a series of photos hugging her husband Shahbaz Shigri and leaving fans unconscious. “Date at night with her beloved husband Shahbaz Shigri,” the singer wrote followed by a heart-shaped emoticon.

Baig and Shigri have been dating for some time and have broken up, he didn’t hesitate to post their sweet love on social media. The lovely couple officially got engaged over the weekend with Shahbaz Shigri and fans can’t keep their cool.

Gorgeous Pakistani entertainment industry celebrity couple Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri showed off their adorable chemistry in a recent dreamy photoshoot. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Aima Baig in which she wears a beautiful cream color dress and clicks pictures with her husband Shahbaz Shigri and both are looking pretty and beautiful.

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