Saba Faisal Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Daughter Sadia Faisal

Saba Faisal is a talented and famous television serial drama actress, model, and film actress in Pakistan who was born on 31 January 1958 and she is 63 years old and she start her career in 2008 and her daughter Sadia Faisal also a actress and she appear first time in Gumaan drama in 2014.

She also works as a model for several fashion brands and has scored a strong position among many other models. Sadia and Saba share a very special bond of friendship and post pictures after every week with each other and Saba Faisal says about her daughter that she is not only her daughter, she is also her friend.

Saba Faisal was born on January 31, 1958, in Lahore, Pakistan. He is currently 63 years old. But look at her, she looks like a 40-year-old girl. Because he cares a lot about his fitness and exercise. Saba began her married life by marrying Faisal Saeed.

Now they have three children, a daughter Saida Faisal and two sons Arslan Faisal and Salman Faisal. Saba Faisal’s son Salman Faisal got married to Neha two years ago and for the past few months, she can’t be seen anywhere in family photos which is why people kept posing questions about her on their photos.

She started her career as a presenter when she was a teenager and left the field after her marriage. Saba resumed her career years after her marriage and has since graced the television screen. Let’s have a look at the precious pictures of Saba Faisal with her daughter in which she wears a white dress while her daughter wears a sky blue dress.

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